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Top 5 E-Mails from Mr Leong (Part 2)

By Raynard Tay

24 January 2022

After a l(e)ong day of work, you open your NUS email and you see the sender “Mr Leong”. Before you even start reading, you know you are in for a treat (well apart from praying it’s not a COVID positive related email at least…).

As a RHesident, we’re sure you’ve seen one of Mr Leong’s hilarious emails that kept you laughing throughout the day. You see once, you laugh once. To revisit the iconic moments this year, we’ve chosen the top 5 emails (in no particular order) this AY21/22.


A Big A** Bee For the Right Resident

*Trigger Warning: Big, very very big bee*

“Dear Residents,

Fine sample of the RH Big A** Bee for Bio, Life Science, Computational Bio students and aficionados.

Victim of the extra strength deadlier than Covid take-no-prisoners mosquito fogging this morning.

Rare, at least until the next fogging.

Office if keen."

Just another casual animal sighting by our own Steve Irwin. We all thought that we were watching a nat geo documentary. But we must say, this bee is so freaking huge it chills our spines typing and editing this article...can’t wait for the next fogging...

No wonder they say that RH is the hall of bugs & bees...we mean opportunities!

Uncle Auntie Snacks Fest

“Dear Residents,

The Hall Master has initiated a snacks fest for residents in the hope that you will contribute towards the welfare of the cleaners, gardeners and kitchen workers of the Hall.

Any amount is fine. The Hall will hold an appreciation for the hardworking workers of the Hall with your contribution.

Picture below is self-explanatory.

The cheapos who have been already taking without contributing please come back and contribute something.

Thank you.”

Mr Leong is truly a man with many talents and roles. This email surprised us with his Picasso alter ego. Just look at that amazing and detailed piece of abstract art. From the CCTV eyes staring into our souls to the heart shape drawings, can you feel the love tonight in RH?

Free Soya Bean Curd from Caterer

“Dear Residents,

In support of the blood donation drive tomorrow 2 Sep, the caterer will sponsor soya bean curd for dinner today to help build iron content of donors.

First come first served.

I suppose you can call that blood-curdling good like this pun.”

We must say, Mr Leong is also extremely linguistically talented. We curd not help but wonder how he makes every email so interesting and entertaining.


“Dear Freshmen,

Freshmen in panic mode over the Hall Exam need to understand that it is very hard to fail the Hall Exam.

Presumably you arrived here because you took a lifetime of exams already. The Hall Exam is simpler than those, moreover an online one for you lucky lot.

All Rafflesians go through the Hall Exam as our tradition. Bang your head on your tables if you can actually fail this year’s.”

Iykyk. Just when you thought you could enjoy your uni orientation week (or month) stress-free...suddenly you have to sit for a HALL exam?!

After the tedious process of hall applications and getting accepted (yay!), you could be kicked out from hall the next moment if you failed the hall exam. It was truly a culture shock for most of us, and we probably didn’t sleep well as we were busy mugging and creating cheat sheets for the exam.

If you managed to read this article, congrats you probably passed the exam.

Precautionary - Toilet Closed


The past few months were undoubtedly very distressing given the spike of COVID-19 cases in RH. Many toilets had to be closed for those serving their isolation order in their rooms. It was a common sight to see many such emails during this period, which signified that either someone from your block had been tested positive or was in close contact with a COVID positive patient.

Nonetheless, when these ‘clear’ emails were sent out, everyone was relieved as that meant that we didn’t have to go an extra level or walk all the way to the other side of the block to use the toilet. It was also a sign that the person using the toilet had recovered or tested negative from their close contact notice.

Regardless, let us all continue to stay safe and fight this battle together!

And with that, another year of Mr Leong’s email extravaganza has come to an end. Once again Mr Leong, if you are reading this, we love you and your emails. Keep them coming and continue to bring joy to RH! Check out Mr Leong’s other emails over here:

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