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Top 5 e-mails from Mr. Leong

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

By Lohsshini

As a RHesident, we’re sure you’ve received and read one of Mr Leong’s hilarious emails that made you laugh throughout your day. Here, we’ve chosen 5 of his emails that we feel were the best ones this AY19/20 for you to laugh and enjoy (and for us to log his solid email skills). If you’re reading this as an incoming freshman to Raffles Hall, brace yourself, Mr Leong is RH’s star pupil who has never sent out a dull email. Hope you enjoy this one! In no particular order, here we go.

PasaRH Malam

"Dear Residents,
You want to know why RHockefellas is outstanding and that you are in a Hall with the best music talent, come for the Pasar Malam tonight at the Comm Hall.
There is food and drinks and ice cream…..blah blah blah…..unimportant. The performance rocks.
Miss this and suck eggs."

We all remember this iconic e-mail that was sent out on the day of PasaRH Malam, food is good but Rhockerfellas are better, according to Mr Leong (and we agree). Come to RH or suck eggs.

The Raffles Zoo

"Dear Residents,
The Raffles Zoo continues to grow.
After the Pythons and RHoosters, comes this monkey heading ominously towards the IHG saplings. Could be agent saboteur from another Hall. Yet next year is the year of the Rat. So in Raffles Hall they don't make their appearance in the right sequence.
Do not feed any monkeys. They will linger and start exploring all over, including climbing into your rooms to rummage. Should you encounter one that faces you squarely with backside off the ground, move back quickly. You either have something it wants or you are the target.
Do not have staring matches with them. They will rearrange your face."

Just casual updates on animal sightings here at RH with Mr. Leong, our very own Steve Irwin. Feel like going to Singapore Zoo? Just come to RH instead. Not included in the e-mail, but you can also check out RH Green Committee's instagram @rhgreencomm for more of the animal sightings here in RH, most of them are cute birdies.

Chinese New Year

"Speaking of rummaging for food, Residents staying in Hall during the Lunar New Year will have to start stocking up. Few places will be opened to sell cooked food. Meals will end with Breakfast this Friday and starts again with Breakfast next Monday. So, if you have not made plans to be out of Singapore, then wither start buying your food now or rummage like monkeys.
Or..... show what a networker extraordinaire you are and score three meals a day everyday visiting new friends. And they pay you for saying nice things. Double if you wear red. Really.
Pictures or it never happened."

This came to us as a Part 2 to the monkey e-mail. Feels like a personal attack on those of us who go house-hopping during the new year, but that's okay. Here in RH we accept who we are, or at least that's what we'll be telling ourselves to feel better. I was probably rummaging like a monkey, so who am I to talk. Remember to keep food, kids!

Moving Out Assistance

"Dear Residents,
Since parents and friends are not allowed to enter RH now, and you are moving out and friendless and need to bring heavy belongings twenty times your weight down from your room to the car park, you can let me know and I will arrange help.
Need time to order a crane. Notify early."

Mr. Leong may as well be our personal saviour, he's always here to help us be it when you've locked yourself out of your room or you need help carrying things. Just look at those muscles (oofles). Reminds us of that one scene of Captain America:

RH Damsels and RH Knights

"Limitations of assistance is to the car park or another room within the RH fiefdom.
Any further depends on the RHDamsel’s charms and RHKnight’s fortitude.
RHDamsel and RHKnight should check ahead for signs of smoke in the fiefdom yonder before you sally forth, for once the dragons there are awaken and unhappy with your presence because of times like this you will fight these dragons alone. Get acknowledgement so you don’t get singed by those dragons’ breath."

This e-mail came to us from worlds unknown, truly felt like I was in Game of Thrones for a moment. Even getting assistance on moving out can be otherworldly here in RH. Well, if you want a true fairytale Hall experience, RH is the one for you. To all you damsels out there, your RHKnight awaits you.

With all that being said, Mr. Leong, if you're reading this, we love you and your e-mails. Keep them coming.

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