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February RHecap

Raynard Tay Qin Da

As we always like to say, “New sem new me”. Every new semester is another chance to salvage our CAP, another chance to use up our breakfast meal credits and another chance to reconcile with our friends.

Time sure passes real quickly in hall, and we have now come to the end of yet another month. Let us RHecap some of the memorable and FEBulous events in February!

RHuat ah

Block 3 CNY Event by Jeng Hwee

February is usually the luckiest month of the year as it is the period when Chinese New Year (CNY) typically falls on (don’t @ me, I know some CNY falls in late January, but generally, it still carries on to February). It is also one of the highly anticipated months as we get to earn some quick cash, also known as receiving angbaos or red packets. Many RHuat block and hall events were also held amidst the various CNY visitings and gatherings.

The Social Committee’s Rhuat Pals event was filled with many exciting station games, performances from the various cultural ccas, and the highlight of the night—Bingo! The atmosphere in the comm hall was very intense as each number was slowly revealed on screen. The lucky pair of RHesidents who each scored a bingo walked away with a solid pure GOLD bar!

Social Committee’s RHuat Pals CNY Event by Zhao Xuan

The various blocks also held their own events, which were filled with laughter, cny music and the aroma of cny snacks! Ohh, and special mention to the super RHuat lift in Kuok Foundation House, which has been decorated with many angbaos and cny decos. Go check it out if you haven’t…hearsay it helps to pull your CAP up just by absorbing the RHuat energy…


After many months of blood, sweat and tears, the RHMP journey ended on a high note during the closing ceremony. It was a sentimental and emotional night for many as the closing signified the end of an arduous journey full of sleepless nights and unending stress.

Needless to say, amidst all the difficult

times, there were also many memorable and enjoyable moments that we’re certain will be etched in everyone’s minds for a long time. Several speeches by Master Stella, our Cultural RF Ms Low, as well as the various department heads, were also given during the ceremony, where they expressed their gratitude for all the hard work everyone has put in since the beginning. RHMP Closing Ceremony by Sinyee

RHMP Closing Ceremony by Jeng Hwee

The fruits of labour were also enjoyed as the first episode of The Lena Show premiered at the comm hall during that week, which gathered a significant crowd who couldn’t wait to see the production. For those who couldn’t make it physically, the episode also premiered on Raffles Hall’s youtube!

RHMP Premiere by Huiying

The RHMP External marketing department also organised several workshops, which allowed RHesidents to design and create their own tote bags, t-shirts and even mask holders! It was an engaging session as everyone got the chance to unleash their little-known artistic side.

And what is an RH event without food? Undoubtedly the highlight of every event is the scrumptious food and refreshing drinks that we all love! Our RHMP members were rewarded with sushi, pizza, and bubble tea to celebrate the official end of the whole journey. Yumz!


G.O.A.T, or Greatest of All Time, is commonly used in sports to honour the best-performing athletes. In our case, the IHG closing ceremony celebrated the achievements of the various sports teams while giving recognition to the Most Valuable Players (MVP) and Most Improved Players (MIP). Despite IHG’s abrupt end due to the rise in covid cases, it was still a special occasion for our athletes as their hard work and training all paid off that night. Kudos to all of our RH athletes!

The night couldn’t have been more LIT without the rejuvenating performances by RHockerfellas and the Kahoot quiz and photobooth, which were respective highlights of the ceremony.

IHG Closing Ceremony by Shaeyann

Free Food, Good Food

Every semester, the Welfare Committee never fails to fill our stomachs with delicious goodies! This time, we were blessed to have minjiangkueh, or traditional pancakes, as well as acai! It was a delightful treat for all, and we even got to have these yummy goodies delivered right to our doorsteps.

Who says food always tastes better when it’s free? (I mean, we’re not wrong here…)

Welfare Committee Food Event from Welfare Comm’s Instagram

Excuse, Unloose, Bicycle

Ahh, the lesser-known variation of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We’re just kidding! But you gotta admit it; this is basically what happens every CNY period. First, you come up with an excuse that because CNY occurs once every year, you get to let loose and just snack on whatever you want! And then afterwards, you start to regret and decide to burn off those calories.

Fortunately for our RHesidents, they didn’t have to worry about finding time to work out as the Sports Management Committee (SMC) and Social Committee held their Night Cycling event before the start of recess week. There were two different routes available, the first spanning from West Coast Park all the way to Henderson Waves, Gardens by the Bay and Marina Barrage. The second route also kicked off at West Coast Park but headed off to the Botanic Gardens, National Gallery and ended similarly at Marina Barrage. It was a memorable and special night for many as our RHesidents got to admire the Singapore skyline at night whilst drowning in their own sweat (RIP legs).

SMC & Social Comm’s Night Cycling by Sean

1,2,3 Pose!

February couldn’t have been complete without Raffles Hall’s very own Bash Night! All the glamorous Instagram posts that got our hearts fluttering were no match for the actual live event, which brought the meaning of GLAM to the next level! Every bashee let out their charismatic side through the short skits and dances, which definitely took everyone’s breath away. It was a spectacular and extravagant night full of admiration and laughter (l mean, I didn’t know my friends could dance!).

Congrats to all the winners, and we hope that everyone had lots of fun!

Bash Night by Zhao Xuan

And with that, another amazing month has passed (unfortunately, recess week too). As we march towards March, it’s time to continue hustling for our midterms and submissions! All the best everyone!

We hope that your February was FEBulous!

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