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Top 5 Games to Play to Keep the Boredom Away

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

By Nirmaleshwar

Spending the holidays has never been a difficult task for us in the past. Be it binge watching random Netflix shows, going out with friends, being productive (is that even possible?) or just lazing around doing nothing, these 4 schools of thought existed in harmony. But everything changed when the virus attacked.

Now that we are forced to stay at home and chat with our friends over the internet, things can get quite boring quickly. Luckily for you, we got a few ideas that might “spice” your plain old chatting sessions. Here are top 5 online games that you can play with your friends, from the comfort of your recliner.

If you ever wanted to feel like a budget cryptographer after watching Dexter or Sherlock Holmes, this is the game for you. Codenames consists of 2 teams each containing a spymaster and some field operatives. The goal is to find your team’s words using cryptic clues given by the spymaster. The field operative must rack their brains and click the correct words while making sure that they DO NOT click the other teams’ words or worse, click the mine word which results in an instant loss.

Seems easy enough right? Communication is king in this game, so it is a test of how well you know how your friends think. I have got a codeword for you – Quarantine and Codenames = Partayyy? Yeah, too soon for that joke.

This is a classic game that gained widespread popularity in the early stages of the Circuit Breaker. It is simple yet an amazing way to entertain yourself with friends. All you have to do is draw something based on a hidden word given by the game. Whoever guesses it first, gets the most points. The best thing is you can even use custom words to really test your friends. It could be a drawing of an inside joke, a prof you all know, the possibilities are endless. The only limit is your imagination! Wow, now I sound like I’m advertising an etch-a-sketch for kids.

This is the all-time classic Monopoly Deal Card game with an online twist to it. There really aren’t any deviations from the basic rules but, the only “twist” that I mentioned before is that the cards are loosely related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Currency is now called masks, the “Say No” card is now the “I’m in Quarantine” card and so on.

Just like the disease however, this game can be a bit infectious. I’ve played my fair share of games and the urge to win can be a bit intoxicating so expect your friends to go a little bit crazy after you graciously hand their posterior to them.

4. Cards Against Humanity

Ah yes, the game that shows you how much of a weirdo you really are. If you thought the disease wasn’t the only thing against humanity, well I’ve got news for you pal. Play this game and you too will stray further away from the light of god. Seriously though, in these troubling times, a game that sends you laughing hysterically is all you need.

No complicated rules in this game to speak of, pair two cards that seem the funniest to you and show it to the Czar. If he deems you worthy, then you get a point. You can play this game from (what is with these “io” games?) which also has a host of other classic card games.

5. Among Us

Don’t worry, it's not who among you is infected with the virus. It’s more like who among you is the murderer. Well that isn’t any better but, this game is a more fun version of Werewolf and Mafia. You are all stuck in a spaceship and there is a killer among you. All you have to do is either find the killer and kick him out of the spaceship with a vote or finish tasks on the spaceship before the killer takes you all out. What’s more, you can play online with other people which ensures a large group for the added difficulty and suspense.

That's it for this one, hopefully this helps you connect with your RH buddies in your summer away from RH!

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