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The Horrors of Hall

The Horrors of Hall

by Amelia Low

To the hallmates coming out of the spooky season and into the spookiest finals season, can’t get enough of escape rooms or are just plain free(impossible)---I present 3 haunting tales that’ll leave you shutting your windows and locking your doors at first opportunity.

3. The Last Cubicle

This story takes place at a block 5 restroom, back when the hall was still renovating. Sources mentioned that an ex-resident living in Block 5 split and stumbled into the toilet on a particularly psychedelic hour, deep in the night.

He couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off the moment he set foot in the toilet. And so he checked the lights that turned on by themselves and mirrors, waiting for any strange silhouettes to appear. And just as he was washing his hands and ready to leave, the residents heard a running shower in the last cubicle. He boldly ventured over to investigate, heart racing faster at the thoughts of horror movies flashing past his mind.

He pushed the half-closed door open. And to his bewilderment, the shower faucet was running, the knob tilted to a 45-degree angle all on its own!

2. The Kuok lift

Legend has it that this mysterious lift has a mind of its own, stopping at level 6 every time it passes. And every day as the Kuokers use these old-fashioned lifts on their way out of the building, some tell of the lift button lighting up and doors opening as though being summoned by a mysterious force! Others even mention that as they approach the lift, it seems to draw nearer to the floor they stay on, beckoning them to enter.

Took an excursion to investigate the said lift. Nothing seems astray at the moment!

1. The RH squirrels

(photo credit: @yoshsher from happi3fri3nds telegram group)

Faster than lightning and hungrier than the ghosts of the seventh month, these little demons are a true force to be reckoned with indeed. With teeth strong enough to chew through your mosquito nets and plastic packaging, they’d stop at nothing to satisfy their endless cravings.

A resident from Block 3 even mentions how a squirrel raided his room as he was on an internship last semester. For many weeks there were coffee packets scattered across the floor. Pawprints smirched all over his monitor and table.

And if you think that’s terrible, wait till you see the destruction they leave in their wake.

Just look at the dirt they leave!!

(photo credit: @ansenn from happi3fri3nds telegram group)

That’s all for now!

Terrified yet? Do tell us if you’ve faced any of the dark trio yourself! But until then, see you in the next article!

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