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by Yidou Weng

Like to sift through vintage shops? Flipped through old photos of your parents as young couples? Have a nostalgia for F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Hong Kong cinema? Here is the chance to show off your tastes that never go out of style and pay tribute to the classics!
What comes to your mind speaking of retro? Bold colours, patterns and denim? Bandanas, overalls, and flared jeans? There are more! You will be surprised how many vintage fashion items you have right in your closet. You know, fashion revolves! For girls, chokers, crop-tops, and miniskirts, and boots make you Natalie Portman in Leon the Professional. For guys, tug your oversize print tee in rolled up jeans with a belt, with white socks and sneakers, and you are ready to sneak in girls’ heart. Of course, if you have formal retro apparel that’ve been long waiting at the bottom of your closet, this is the day! We can’t wait to see you in cheongsam, Hanfu, Sarong Kebaya, kimono, ballgown with wide-brim hats and gloves representing your culture and passion…
Last but not the least, do remember the entry format is your pictures. That means you could add to your retro day vibes by taking pictures with a nice vintage background and props, and time traveling with your friends!



by Geetha

Want to find out if the person you like is single but too shy to ask? Want to wear cute matching outfits with your significant other but afraid people may judge? We got you covered!

Today’s theme is Relationship Status but fret not. Whether you’re single or in a complicated relationship with your assignments, anyone can participate. RH is all about inclusivity after all. Wear your traffic light colour loud and proud! If you happen to have a significant other staying in hall, wear matching clothes or maybe take this literally and be a traffic light!🤩🤩

Who knows this may be your version of How I Met Your Mother so get creative for some bonus points.



by Rene

Who doesn’t love to laze in bed? You’re probably already doing that 24/7, even now while reading this.
Disclaimer: we do not encourage lecture viewing in bed, but we understand. After all, no one can resist the temptation of a cosy sanctuary away from all your troubles.
But is this the way? Isolating yourself from the rest of the world as if you haven’t done that enough during circuit breaker? The good news is: you don’t have to give up comfort for connection! You can have both at once.
Bring that comfort with you wherever you go during today’s Pyjama Party! Relax yourselves, temporarily forget about academics, and celebrate with late night talks and pillow fights with your friends! Let the cozy atmosphere relieve your stress and reenergise you for the next day.



by Nicole

How long has it been since you stood on the parade square to recite the pledge and sing the national anthem? for some of us, the fingers on one hand isn't even enough to count the number of years it's been!

For today's back to school theme, don on your uniforms and reminisce times when they were much simpler! when math was just toa cah soh, chem was just NaCl and econs was just demand and supply. Think back to the days when that one teacher saw something in you no other teachers did. When the relationships with people in your life weren't as complicated as they are today. But maybe you've never felt that way. Why not just think of how far you've come and take it all in because years down the road, you'd wish you were still in RH even though the workload now makes you want to dropout.

Take a moment to appreciate the people you have in your life, in RH or not. then grab your friends in RH, put on your uniforms and put your hair up in pigtails and feel young(er) again!

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