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September RHecap 2022

Tan Tze Heng, Goh Zhen Kang

31 Aug – 30 Sep

“Eh? It’s Recess Week already?” Who will expect that the first half of a semester can pass so quickly? It’s just a month since the start of the semester! Time really does flies… And this also means that… it’s midterms time! And that’s when there’s a mugging fest going on all around the hall (how many midterms do you have by the way?).

For those who have gotten past the midterms stress, have a good rest! For those Chosen Ones who are still having midterms by the time this article is published, all the best! For those who don’t have any midterms at all? Well, you’d better enjoyed these September hall events to the fullest!

RHMP Events: Opening, Bootcamp, Bonding Day

Oh, Raffles Hall, it’s our home away from home...

Overheard some of your hall buddies (who you know joins RHMP) randomly chanting this line of lyrics in hall? Of course, they are entirely fine. In fact, this line of lyrics comes from one of the songs featured in the upcoming RHMP musical this year, and has become an ongoing meme among some RHMP members!

To anticipate and prepare for one of the largest productions in hall, the RHMP team has organised a series of major events over this month, namely the Opening Ceremony, Bootcamp, and Bonding Day.

RHMP Opening

Being one of the largest productions in hall, what's RHMP without an opener to (officially) mark the start of this journey?

In this RHMP Opening Ceremony, members of RHMP, along with our Hall Master and RFs, saw the unveiling of the main plot and cast of the musical themed Home Truly. They also had a sneak 'listen' to some of the featured songs, proved how much they know about RHMP through a Kahoot quiz and enjoyed themselves with food provided (hearsay got pizza and Wingstop?!).

Photo from Raffles Hall Board of Photography

Photo from Raffles Hall Board of Photography

RHMP Bootcamp

While other RHesidents were grinding for their midterms, RHMP members devoted some of the recess week time in having the 3-day RHMP Bootcamp, the first major rehearsal involving most departments.

Photo from RHMP Instagram Page

Not gonna lie, the bootcamp was filled with very mixed feelings, from the anxiety, stress and disappointment when mistakes happened during the camp, to the final sense of determination, fulfilment and joy when all members managed to display a satisfactory performance on the final day, receiving approval.

Indeed, the performance on the actual day matters more, and the bootcamp has laid an important stepping stone towards a better performance.

RHMP Bonding Day

After the shag three days of bootcamp, why not unwind with a fun bonding session?

The RHMP Internal Marketing team has creatively held a Monopoly-themed bonding event. In this event, instead of playing with tokens and dices, it was transformed into a series of station games, and teams of 'tycoons' competed with each other to win 'points'. What were the 'points' for? I wonder…

The event then reached its climax during a food bidding session, and no joke, there was a LOT of food up for grabs, from Ameens food to sushi! And who knows, those 'points' earned are the credits for bidding?! Anyways, the 'tycoons' got their well-deserved treat and destroyed all of the food.

Photo from RHMP Instagram Page

Photo from RHMP Instagram Page


“Eh hear say XXX and XXX are this year’s bashies leh!”

“Eh which pair do you think will win this year’s bash?”

“Eh this year’s bash got afterparty one leh!”

Ah it’s the time when RHesidents decide who the best bash king and queen in hall of the year is again. But this time is a little more special than previous years: the bash event was held in an external venue, with an upz afterparty following that!

Photo from Raffles Hall Board of Photography

During the night, we've witnessed bashies showcasing their best images. With colourful stage lights shone upon them, every bashie has done their best to display their most memorable moments. Of course, a shoutout to yet another round of exciting performance by Unkerfellas!

Photo from Raffles Hall Board of Photography

And this year’s bash king and queen goes to … Zhe Xuan and Claudia! Congrats!

Photo from Raffles Hall Board of Photography

Arts and Graphics Jagua Ink Workshop

Some of y’all RHesident readers may have noticed that there are a number of ‘tattoos’ showing up on your hall mate’s arms.

“Oh horh horh, you so rabak ah, start gettin’ tattoos now ah?” You might ask (internally). But as you take a closer look, those ‘tattoos’ on your friend’s arms somehow have a lighter colour tone than the usual ones… and some of the tattoo patterns even look quirkier than what you will expect from a tattoo … There are not just abstract or tile-like patterns, but also funny memes,

OH, turns out these ‘tattoos’ are their own well-crafted works under the tutoring of Arts and Graphics members using jagua ink – a kind of fruit ink that can temporarily leave a stain for a few weeks on one’s body and is also widely used in Caribbean indigenous cultures.

RHesidents taking part of this event grabbed this opportunity to get themselves body patterns that they may have longed for, while getting to decide their own designs entirely, showcasing their own creative minds, and without going through the piercing pain of doing an actual one! How fun!

Photo from Raffles Hall Arts and Graphics

Photo from Raffles Hall Arts and Graphics

Welfare BeancuRHd TaRHts Day

Imagine after going through a day of tiring classes, feeling starving, and craving for a nice treat to reward yourself …

Well, thanks to the Welfare Comm, we don’t have to imagine it! Having lots of bean curds and tarts up for grabs prepared by Welfare Comm in the Comm Hall, RHesidents got to enjoy a nice dessert after their dinner.

By the way, for those who noticed the secret mission, hope you enjoyed the acai bowls as well ;-).

Photo from Raffles Hall Welfare Comm

New RH Telegram Channels!

By the way, the Media Team of Raffles Hall and heaRHtfelt has also made an initiative to set up their own Telegram channels to broadcast interesting information.

Do follow RH Media Telegram Channel for latest updates about media events in Raffles Hall! ( (hearsay u can receive the surhge article updates on this channel as well?!??!)

Image from RH Media Telegram Channel

If you are looking for words of encouragement, do follow heaRHtfelt’s Telegram channel ( Sometimes it’s okay to be a potato, y’know?

Image by Raffles Hall HeaRHtfelt

In spite of midterms season, hall events this September were no less vibrant and fun. Do look forward for even more hall events next month to wind down after the midterms grind!

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