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September RHecap

31 August 2021 - 30 September 2021

By Raynard Tay

FRHiendships & HaRHdships

Have you been productive last month? August (oh guess) what, it’s now the end of yet another month! Let us RHecap the key events in September!

Hello For the First Time

“Want to grab comm hall food together?”

“Let’s do the challenges tomorrow?”

“Ehh tag who ahh? What to hashtag?”

These were the daily conversations circulating RH for the first half of September. The Welfare Committee’s PaRHtnerShip and Social Committee’s BrotheRH & SisteRH initiatives have seen the forging of new bonds between complete strangers (unless you are so ‘heng’ to match with someone you already knew before). You would have probably witnessed this growing camaraderie through the endless IG stories posted (#paRHtnership #brotherhsisterh21).

As you continued to complete challenges and tick off those bingo boxes, you soon found out that there was another endless thing apart from schoolwork—welfare.

This was when the various blocks started their Angel & Mortal (or equivalent) events, unleashing the multiverse of snacks.

Slowly, the conversations around RH began to sound like this:

“Check the pantry fridge.”

“Hope you enjoy the snacks!”

“Wah sian I don’t know what to buy for my mortal…”

Your diet plan that has been going well for the past week is now destroyed (but you’re not complaining! Right…?Who doesn’t love food!) Once again, you saw another wave of IG stories showcasing all the insane welfare provided (#spoilmarket). The Angel & Mortal events also witnessed the birth of potential Usain Bolts and burglars, with the angels sneakily placing gifts on their mortal’s doorsteps and sprinting for their lives after knocking on the door.

Blk 4 A&M Revelation by Corrine Cher

While you wrecked your brains to think of what to give your mortal (thanks Octobox, Grabfood and NTUC), some angels were starting to have something up their sleeves, a.k.a plotting pranks (after gaining consent of course! #RNC). To the ‘suay’ few who had been pranked, you couldn’t help but be amazed by the effort and creativity of your angel. From embarking on a journey to search for your missing belongings to completing an escape room challenge or a ninja warrior obstacle course to enter your room, the shenanigans were endless. You began to wonder whether they were your angel or devil...

Many Piccasos were also discovered during this period, as evident from the picturesque and aesthetic door decorations, as expected from a culture hall ( come my angel knows what I like!).

After weeks of welfare and trying to guess the identity of your angel, the various blocks’ Angel & Mortal events ended off on a high note with the much-anticipated revelation night! Did you manage to properly thank your angel?

Blk 5 Why So 5u5 A&M Revelation Night by Ama

Lights, Camera, Action!

As the multiverse of welfare came to a stop, an indescribable feeling of excitement (and the smell of freshly baked churros) gradually started to permeate in the heart of RH. That’s right! It’s the Raffles Hall Musical Production (RHMP) opening ceremony! RHMP is the crown jewel of RH, being one of the biggest and most significant events that distinguish RH from the other halls. RHMP Opening Ceremony by Ashley

It was a special and sentimental occasion for many as the various departments and key figures were introduced. And that’s not the best part! It was revealed that this year’s musical production would take the form of a webisode adapted from Jim Carrey’s The Truman Show.

To end off the ceremony, we had our Master Stella, Blk 3’s RF Ms Low and Blk 8’s RF Mr Tin cut the signature red ribbon to officially commence the RHMP journey. All the best to RHMP!

We Pledge

September couldn’t have been complete without the 63rd JCRC elections. Each candidate gave their best pitch and shared how they could contribute to RH in their own unique ways. Although the speeches were short, they sweetly encapsulated the RH spirit—To develop a sense of belonging and support for all Rhesidents. RH truly lives up to its name of the Hall of Opportunities!

The 63rd JCRC Investiture was held to formally induct the newly appointed 63rd JCRC members. It was an emotional night as the incumbent 62nd JCRC officially stepped down and handed over their roles to the new 63rd JCRC. The incoming 63rd JCRC received their badges of appointment and recited the pledge of allegiance and loyalty to RH, promising to commit and dutifully serve all Rhesidents. It goes without saying that the previous batches of JCRC have successfully paved the way for the 63rd to continue the legacy and to keep the phoenix flame burning!

Recess Reassess

While you were busy studying for midterms during recess week, a pivotal group of people were also studying...studying for Raffles Hall.

The annual Hall Leaders’ Summit was held for the various CCA heads and key appointment holders in RH to discuss potential or current issues that they might be facing. These problems were then surfaced to the SCRCs and JCRCs, in a two-way communication style, where there was an exchange of potential solutions to the various areas of concern.

To aptly end of recess week, your tummy would probably remember the memorable JCRC walkabout. Monday (and midterm) blues were dispelled by the mouth-watering egg tarts and beancurd, which were personally delivered by the 63rd JCRC members to every RHesident, to motivate and give their best wishes for the upcoming examinations. All the best for your midterms!

And with that, another fruitful month has passed! As we near the end of the year, it’s time to continue completing our new year’s resolutions, including previous years’ (Er hem, time to continue dieting and living healthily without all the sinful welfare…).

What was your favourite memory in September?

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