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RHewind: A Look at Last Years Events

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

by Elizabeth Lau

Costume Night

RHesidents with their costumes

Many started the night wearing their once-a-year Halloween costumes and some even donned face paint to join in on this spooky day. It was as if they forget about the real horrors of their lives for a week - lectures and tutorials!

RH Unplugged dressed as The Umbrella Academy
RHockerfellas and their onesie ensemble

There were many performances put up that night, all performers coming on stage dressed up and ready to entertain. Not to mention, there was even a special appearance by BlackPink who performed a few songs (though it was a discounted version oops).

RH's BlackPink qts

PasaRH Malam

RHesidents enjoying the Thai Milk Tea!

There’s really one way to describe PasaRH Malam, f o o d. The night was filled with all kinds of treats, FOC of course. The stall that stood out the most was definitely the free-flow Burger Ramly, but the list of food was never ending with even a Thai Milk Tea stall! Disclaimer: we will not be accountable for any hunger caused by the following pictures, view at your own risk.

JCRC Mookata

FREE SUPPER! That’s the first thing that popped into my head (because after all, what is hall life without supper?). This was definitely a great (free) meal and also a great way to bond with your OG/neighbours, so don’t forget to jio them at the next one! The spread of food was great as well with meat, vegetables, mushrooms, cheese tofus… and the best part was that it was also free flow! We certainly had a wonderful time cooking and catching up.


A first event for all RH residents when we enter into university! I remembered everyone lugging their belongings while checking in to RH. The next few days were RHOC. I’m sure everyone was excited yet nervous as this was the start of our university (and hall) life!

It started off slow with ice-breaking games but once everyone was acquainted the intensity was upped! Games upon games while bonding, with supper every night with our OG’s that go into the A.M. with all the HTHT’s.

All in all, the time spent in RH will eventually be some of our best memories, and the friendships forged here are some of the best friendships we would ever make 😊

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