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October RHecap

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Tze Heng, Victoria

Only a month afterh midterm season, here comes finals season and No Noise November as Only Onz October comes to a close. It's been a stacked month, but thankfully, we had the chance to enjoy a long weekend thanks to back-to-back Deepavali and NUS Well-being Day break. May you have well unwound out of it. In fact, we also hope that you have been well recharged from the hall events in October as well!

RH scored a 10 out of 10 for October happenings just in case you were nua-ing in your room being a real phantom for Halloween. Welfare RHingo, Talent Show, RHMP … the list just went on and on. Relive the fun times with this RHecap to go with your stash of photstrips.


Of course we have to mention Master Stella’s second child, RHMP, finally taking to the stage!

Hsin Yeong having his main character moment (Credits:Yicheng from BOP)


it deserves an article of its own so keep a lookout for PP’s juicy coverage of it very soon!

Time to get your hands dirty fellow kamprhung rhesidents! (im sorrhy)

Wanted to be a little artsy fartsy but never knew where to start? HeaRHtfelt, ArtsnGraphics, and Green Comm generously sponsored a bevy of #diyqueen events for everyone to dabble in.

First up we have Canvas Embroidery by HeaRHtfelt. Take a break from poking holes in your wallet or poking holes in arguments and put that needle through a painting! Paint whatever you want as your background, release some juices (just like this person did), then sew on an outline. Stencils given so no thinking needed for your sorry brains.

A canvas being embroidered (Credits: Joy from BOP)

Second, a little more taxing but well worth the effort, Paint by Numbers also by HeaRHtfelt. So chio. And now, you and your frhiends have matching room decor! #twinsies.

Ever wanted to write your future self a letter? Maybe not, but maybe you wanted some free cute muji-esque notebooks and stickers!

Chen Hang’s super cute design (Credits: Devi from BOP)

Some decorated for themselves and some did it for their buds and their more-than-buds.

Love letter writing and decorated notebooks (Credits: Devi from BOP)

Green comm was coming for HeaRHtfelt’s wig with their very own Snow globe upcycling workshop- you don't always need to buy new materials to make cute things.

Snow bottle globe (Credits: Yicheng from BOP)

Not only are they practical and fun to make, they look pretty cool.

Snow globes in action (Credits: Jieqi from BOP)

ArtsnGraphics took it up a notch with their Clay Making, Batik Painting, and Bead Making Workshops. At Clay Making, people made figurines and even earrings with the materials and guidance provided, you’re all set to start your own #homebasedbusiness now.

Super cool and super on point for this month of celebrating your peers’ cultures (Deepavali and Hari Raya), Batik Painting was all about re-experiencing the excitement of painting you had as a child while exploring the wonders of this Indonesian art!

Pick some pretty beads, fiddle with string, and tie some knots

Besties (Credits: Xueyi from BOP)

Rhesidents flocked to the Bead Making workshop to make friendship bracelets for their buds. Keep up with the Kardashians and make some beaded phone straps!

Gigi Hadid (not a Kardashian but close enough) after attending the AnG workshop

(Credits: HPB Google Images)

If you ever want to recreate these things again, all these materials are readily available on Shopee (I wonder who’s responsible for the mailroom massacre).

Hearhtfelt closed off with a bang, or rather, the ‘Ding!’ of a ton of air fryers with their Festive Bakes event. Full of first-time bakers because the recipe, ingredients, pastel decor and cute picture ops were all provided!

Cute cookies (Credits: Victoria)

RHesidents hand-smashed their batter together in their own lunch boxes,

filled the buttery goodness up with chocolate chips,

fought for an air fryer to shove them in,

Iced them and popped on some spooky eyeballs!

And now everyone has an airfryer proof, idiot-proof cookie recipe to recreate in their own pantries. How much more wholesome could RH get!

Mental Health

A lot more actually as RH’s mental health mommies- HeaRHtfelt and RHSafe- offered plenty of opportunities for RHesidents to stretch out their sore minds and bodies with their super private Focus Group Discussions (FGD) and Yoga Night. The two FGDs were on friendships and finding a sense of belonging in hall, and on prejudice and unfairness respectively.

Soothe your mind and body as you immerse yourself in some zen exercises by a yoga instructor at RHSafe’s Yoga night! And take a free mat back with you to continue the #zen lifestyle and destress whenever you need.

Moreover, you can spread some good vibes and gratitude with HeaRHtfelt’s Pay It Forward. Some of you might feel overwhelmed and stressed out by the amount of work and CCA things you have (because same here) so do feel free to go down to take or leave any post-its from the board that you think resonates with you!

It's near the food serving area at comm hall so you can get a motivational quote with every meal! #FoodfortheSoul

Food, Games, Shows, BINGO!

Welfare RHingo

Craving for a channel to de-stress from the non-stop grind into the semester? No worries, Welfare Committee has got your back with a carnival-themed event, Welfare RHingo! It’s just like a carnival, but in hall!

nyooooom (Credits: Cheryl from BOP)

The Welfare Comm team prepared a number of food booths and game booths inside Comm Hall for participants to just enjoy and have fun, just like the good old childhood moments, playing in a weekend carnival nearby their households. Participants had the chance to play carnival games like ‘neRHf it’ and ‘3 daRHt finish’, and they could redeem soft toys as their reward! In fact, more than that, they were also entitled in the lucky draw where an office chair was among the prizes! So good!

Of course, thanks to RHockerfellas, Unplugged and RHythm for their performances that made the event more enjoyable!

Night market, but in hall?!

PasaRH Malam

Wait, after Welfare RHingo … there’s more?!

Yes! Because if we can have even more fun, why not? This time, Social Committee brought us a ‘pasar malam’-themed social event – PasaRH Malam (‘pasar malam’ means ‘night market’ in Malay)

The night was indeed equally fun and joyous, with lots of food booths and game booths available. Speaking of the food booths, some of the worth mentioning one would be the Ramly burger stall and the muah chee (mochi) stall. The queue along the Ramly burger stall was visibly long and the peanut powder muah chee served was TASTY! Also, by collecting points from the games booths, participants could redeem prizes using the points! How fun!

if my rhamly aint a messy pile of ketchup ion want it (Credits: Jocelyn from BOP)

Besides, RHebels, Unplugged and Rhockerfellas also spiced up the night with their special performances, and the event ended off with a lucky draw session.

Culture Comm’s Talent Show, Cultural Night, and Culturh Dash

Culture comm’s been shaking it up- shaking up the comm hall and getting you to shake what your mother gave you- with all their gripping performances during their Talent Show and Cultural Night, but also with the amusing dance challenges durhing Culturh Dash.

The comm hall was ablaze with punchy music, the iconic stage lights, and raucous cheers as all the culture CCAs and tons of your own frhiends put on their spooky and spicy performances.

Chilling vocals (Credits: Shannon from HPB)

From Unplugged and RHockers, to RHdvnce, and ensembles of seniors who wanted to shake it on the comm hall stage one last time. Even past RHesidents came back to support their friends. You definitely could've heard the rhoars and screams of support from even Block 6. Instead of hearing people watch it, maybe you should've gone to watch it anyway.

Ladders and Snakes but make it Stairs and Cats i guess as Culturh Dash staged a RH wide amazing race. Go through the different stations to have a taste of each culture CCA! Musical chairs for following the rhythm in music playing, and dance charades for dance, and social humiliation. The bingo tasks were to complete the station games and do various challenges with the committee members. And the goal? To develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for culture and the culture ccas in RH.

Talent Show

Yes, this reference may seem strange, but if you’ve watched this year’s Talent Show, you’ll know what we are talking about.

Continuing the legacy of the last AY (Academic Year), Culture Committee once again presented to us Talent Show which provided a platform for RHesidents to showcase their hidden talents that they may not display even in the CCAs they join. This year, we once again witnessed a bunch of talented fellas, from comedians, instrumentalists to comedian-instrumentalists (yes.)

Plus, there were also performances that are not often seen in RH, including an eye-catching dancing performance and an impressive diabolo performance.

And after a series of amazing performances and a round of difficult judging by the SCRCs (Senior Common Room Committee), here are the results of this year’s Talent Show: Xin Yan with her diabolo performance and ZootoRHpia with their comedic The Lion Sleeps Tonight won the joint second place, whereas bopez crowned the first place in the show with their dancing performance. Congrats!

Not forgetting the audience favourite of the whole show, Wei Rong, a menace of a talent for his audience-staring talent and the buzzword of the night –

‘tequila.’ - Wei Rong, 2022 (Credits: Estella from BOP)

The night then ended off with a surprise performance by Prof Lee and impromptu dance show by Prof Feng. The audience, the performers and the crew just immersed themselves within the exciting moment. How good!

Recounting hall legacies

Alumni Tea

The Alumni and External Affairs Committee (AEAC) held an Alumni Tea, which is a networking session between alumni from the Raffles Hall Association (RHA) and AEAC members. Joining the event included Mr Pang Wei Han, Ms Vivian Fam, Mr Phua Sian Chin and Ms Lim Swee Kim.

you normally see this during CNY (Credits: Yu Him from BOP)

The guest alumni came from a diverse range of backgrounds, from accounting, life sciences, engineering to computing majors. They shared their past experiences studying in the university and their own interesting life stories, from work life to day-to-day entertainment. Seizing this opportunity, the participants also had a candid conversation with the guests to gain more insights from their knowledge and experiences.

Trhick or Trheat

Last but not least, Soccom’s long awaited Trhick or Trheat event. Sign up with a buddy for emotional support as you catch your fellow rhesidents dressed to impress as their favourite characters, but also fake-blood-drenched monsters… and hope they dont catch you later.

Your scarers going shoeless so you can’t hear their footsteps (Credits: Isabel @wheeze.abel)

Some stunners of the night were the pair of bananas in pyjamas who won the costume competition, the Soccom Exco as wizards straight out of Harry Potter, a revival of a crowd favourite Rhmp character: the comm hall uncle, and even an anime dominatrix.

Didn't know how to do yourself up? Soccom had you covered with their face painting station, transforming a life scientist into a mad scientist

Ms mad scientist (Credits: Rei Chee)

Juice up with their themed trheats and feast your eyes on their brownie eyeballs and bloody hot dogs, and quench your thirst on their punch with a side of floating eyeball.

Shoot at some hauntus hiding behind balloons in one of their many spooky game stations, then head up to the UL for a top-notch escape room and haunted maze. Peek-a-boo at your Soccom scarers but hopefully didn’t pee-when-you're-booed when jumpscared while crawling under the tables, or when the pontianak photobombed your group picture.

Heard the alarm from the Purge blaring? It was the PuRHge. Mini flags were hidden all around Blocks 3 and 5 for the trick-or-treaters to sniff out. The groups with the most got extra entries for the concluding lucky draw #nofreelunch. But of course it wouldnt be a PuRHge without the purgers who were walking around and chasing mentally fragile rhesidents- those caught had to forfeit their flags. Not only were the trick-or-treaters spooked, but so were the poor Block 3 and 5 rhesidents who were haunted by the shrieks of the purged.

And that concludes this month’s RHecap!

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