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October RHecap

By Alicia Tan

8 November 2021

As we continue our journey into the month of October, we were faced with the unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the Covid-19 pandemic worsened over time, we were forced to cut down on social gatherings and cancel events, just when we thought everything was going to get better! Despite this, RHesidents have proven themselves to be resilient and optimistic even in the midst of a pandemic, finding innovative ways to carry out events and adapt to the ever-changing circumstances.

All credits for photographs here goes to the Board of Photography, its members and yours truly.

Mid-Autumn Festival

With the Mid Autumn Festival falling around mid-October every year, it is no surprise that Raffles Hall also has its own Mid Autumn Festival event! RHesidents flocked down at the end of a hectic week to the Comm Hall to enjoy the mooncakes and have a festive night of fun. Fun games and a photo booth to take nice pictures were organized to allow RHesidents to bond with their friends and really enjoy the Mid Autumn vibes, not to mention the lanterns carried around by RHesidents! It was definitely a night to remember!

Batches of mooncakes served at the Mid Autumn Festival event. Anyone craving mooncakes now? Yummy! (Credits: Ashley)

Even though SMMs were in place, RHesidents were still able to have lots of fun with the lanterns! (Credits: Ashley)

Annual Kitchenette Competition

Who knew that cleaning the pantry and keeping it safe could win you attractive prizes? This month, the annual kitchenette competition allows blocks to compete with each other to see who can keep up the best pantry. We are proud to announce the winners among all the blocks:

1st: Block 4 🥇

2nd: Block 2 🥈

3rd: Block 3 🥉

This is a reminder to all RHesidents to do our part to keep our pantries pleasant to use for everyone, not only during the competition but in our daily lives! Clean and safe pantry = Happy RHesidents!

Block 4’s pantry. Look at how spick and span it is! (Credits: Sin Kai)

Welfare Committee Cream Puffs

It’s mid-week! What more are RHesidents looking for than digging into a delicious mid-week snack? Thankfully, the Welfare Comm in Raffles Hall has got every RHesident covered! Free cream puffs ordered from Beard Papa were distributed in the Comm Hall on 19 October, while stocks last. The writer was there too in the massive queue waiting to collect the puffs before 6pm, and hearsay that by 6:48pm all the cream puffs were gone!

For those who managed to grab the cream puffs, we hope you enjoyed them! For the not so fortunate, better luck next time!

A hungry RHesident tucks into a Beard Papa cream puff. (Credits: Yuan Bing)


One of the events affected by the Covid pandemic, the annual EspoRHts event saw a resurgence this month, with proper SMMs of course. RHesidents got to watch the exciting EspoRHts event live-streamed over Youtube in 3...2...1! Action!

For the professionals, the game of Brawl Stars and Mobile Legends was enough to have them at the edge of their seats, along with the interesting commentary by our very own hosts! For the not-so-professional viewers, the games seem exciting to watch even if they don’t know what’s going on at all. Cheering their friends on and showing their support for them is enough.

The finalists tapping away furiously at their mobile phones. (Credits: Chole)

The EspoRHts hosts hard at work! (Credits: Chloe)

Resume Dining In

After a long time, Raffles Hall has finally announced the resuming of dining in, with proper SMMs of course. Excited RHesidents flocked down to the Comm Hall to finally try the in-hall dining experience, which may be a novelty for many RHesidents who just entered Raffles Hall this year. Now, it is not an uncommon sight to see long queues for our delicious hall food and RHesidents happily munching at their food in pairs. If you have been taking away your food from the Comm Hall, this is a sign for you to grab a friend to dine in with you!

Although the Comm Hall is less crowded on a Friday night due to the majority of RHesidents going home, there was still a substantial number of people in the Comm Hall eating dinner. (Credits: Alicia)

One of the special meals offered by the Comm Hall for dinner. The meals come with a fruit and a drink! Some other specials I have seen include udon and Nasi Briyani. (Credits: Alicia)

We hope you had a great October!

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