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Need a Reason to Choose RH? Here's #WhyRH.

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

By Lohsshini

The RH Experience

You’ve probably noticed that unlike other Halls, RH can be pretty ‘kampung’ as they say. From the RHooster waking you up every morning to the cute squirrels you’re going to find outside your rooms, it’s all just a part of the RH experience. But this isn’t a downside to RH but rather a plus, because the rustic vibes here is what truly makes the RH experience.

Everyone is close to each other which allows us to enjoy each other’s company that much more and it also lets us relate to one another, like how everyone can hear the RHooster’s cocka-doodle-doo every morning. And for those RHesidents who go to sleep very late, especially during finals season (we all know the struggle), the RHoosters coo is a signal for you to go to sleep instead of waking up.

Ah yes, our beloved RHooster

Food. Need We Say More?

Bubble Tea for RHesidents during circuit breaker

Before coming to Hall, it’s a given that you would be worried about the food served at the dining hall. But toss your worries aside, RH hand’s down has the best hall food on campus. From special meals that range from Japanese Curry to Mala, we have it all here. Even if you’re not up for the special meal of the day, the normal Chap Fan served is not any less delicious. Not to mention, during the shutdown of bubble tea stores for the circuit breaker, RH did us a solid one and provided bubble tea for 3 days straight. What more do you need?

Mac n' Cheese with Chicken Cutlet

Tom Yum Noods

CCA Experience

RHockerfellas performance, much hype

Here in RH, your CCA experience will be unlike any other. The wide variety of culture, sports and committees in RH will surely have a place for you. Not only will your CCA be like your small family, it will also be a place of excellence as our CCA’s don’t fall short.

Besides, our committees host hall events that get pretty wild, from Costume Night to PasaRH Malam, every minute of it is joy filled. Our PasaRH Malam even had a Ramly burger stall set up and it was free-flow all night… true happiness was found that day. At the end of every event, RHesidents always come together to rock out and jam to RHockerfellas who always give a hyped up show.

RHesidents jamming out to RHockerfellas

Free flow burger Ramly.. speaks for itself

Location, Location, Location

It’s impossible for you to find any other Hall in NUS that is more strategically located than RH. Being that it’s right next to Yusof Ishak House (YIH), you will be literally at the center of NUS, making it easy for you to get to class no matter what faculty you are from. Moreover, RH is walking-distance from U-Town which lets us walk to get supper and food on weekends, which is unlike any other Hall. And to top it all off, 7-Eleven at YIH is also walking-distance, so your midnight snack cravings will not go unanswered. If you need to leave campus, there are bus services 95, 96 and 151 that run through the Raffles Hall and Museum bus stops, which makes it easy for you to travel even if you need to go off campus.

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