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Lifting the Lid on Raffles Hall Toilets - A review of the best (and worst) toilets in RH

An untrustworthy opinion

By Er Jia Ying

As a RHesident for 2 years, I have had my fair share of exploring other blocks which also includes their toilets. To make this a fairer comparison, all these pictures were taken at the end of the day to ensure lighting did not play a role in the review process.

8. Block 3 toilet

Being the biggest block in Raffles Hall, there will inevitably be more people using the toilets.

There might be unpleasant and surprises now and then, in both the shower and toilet cubicles, if you are unlucky. It makes you want to quickly do your business and yeet away.

Rating: 5/10, funky

7. Block 2 toilet

According to one oh-so reliable ex-block 2 RHesident, Block 2 girls’ toilets are nasty.. Based on this picture, they look meh.

Rating 5.5/10, “bad vibes” – the reliable ex-RHesident

6. Block 5 toilet

Being a relatively bigger block, at the end of a long day, some cubicles might run out of toilet paper. You might already be stuck in the act and unable to leave to get toilet paper. What do would you do? Shout for people in the toilet in hopes that your neighbour or anyone at all is there to pass you some toilet paper. So, moral of the story is to, ownself check ownself, check first for toilet paper before being in too deep.

Rating: 6.5/10, pretty ok

5. Block 7 toilet

There was no bad odour in the toilet but it does not smell amazing either. Small with two toilet cubicles and one bath cubicle. The toilet bowl looks a little older than the other blocks’, maybe due to the colour choices. The other blocks have white toilet bowls but the ones in block 7 and 8 of this greyish-pink tint. Overall, relatively cleaner than the earlier ones!

Rating: 7/10, small but clean-ish

4. Block 8 toilet

Both blocks 7 and 8 are located in the same building, the Kuok Foundation House. The layout of the toilets are similar, spotting similar colour schemes and being smaller than other blocks’ toilets. Also, quoting a Block 8 male RHesident, “Wah! Block 8 toilet a bit small ah.. I turn a bit, my back hit the sides of the toilet already.”. The lighting in the toilets are a little dimmer than that of other blocks, but that is not a problem for me.. more privacy I guess (?)

Rating 7/10, same as block 7

3. Block 6 toilet

I don’t really know much of the experience using Block 6 toilets, but based on this picture, looks rather clean! hehe

Rating: 7/10

2. Comm hall toilet

With zoning measures in place for common facilities in hall, less people frequent the comm hall. On the rare occasion that I visit this toilet, I will feel a little scared because there’s no one in the toilet and everything is just too quiet. Cleanliness wise, it is really quite clean and smells alright. The bench outside the cubicles comes in handy for you to place your bag as well!

Rating: 7.5/10, ghost town, maybe that’s why it’s clean

1. Block 4 toilet

Being a relatively small block, it is rather cleaner than the bigger blocks. RHesidents in Block 4 also do not need to worry about having no empty cubicles to use.

Rating: 8/10, nubbad!


1. Luxurious

Level 6 toilet in Kuok Foundation Block

Raffles Hotel toilet meh!!

2. Peasant

Level 1 Male Toilet

Sad, no door.

I hope that this sanitary review 101 by this very boliao Y2 student, has somehow or rather given you an insight into the lesser publicized RH’s toilet situation. Overall, most of the toilets in RH are clean and we have to definitely give it up to our cleaner aunties and uncles for maintaining the toilets so well. Whenever you walk pass them along the corridor, don’t forget to give them a smile and thank them for their hard work!:D As RHesidents, we can also make their lives easier by being more considerate.

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