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Jan 2022 RHecap

Tay Zhao Xuan

Hi there, it’s back to school. :>

I’m sure we all had our own ways of spending that short semester break, be it training for IHG, catching up with your buddies (or with sleep), or for our international students, a trip back home in a long, long time.

RH's Tallest Man frolicking with doggos during Volleyball CIP

We at RH’s very own Phoenix Press bring you the first RHecap of 2022, covering what has happened in this one month. (Unfortunately, COVID is still running rampant so take care people)

Social Comm’s Halloween event held at the comm hall as well as the escape room at Kuok Conference Room finally made its comeback as a fun event for us to take MMRs at BOP’s photobooth.

And what’s a social comm event without food and drinks? A face painting booth was also set up to have that out-of-season Halloween feel.

The Escape Room at Kuok Conference Room put our participants to the test in a dark, gloomy atmosphere, solving riddles and puzzles not knowing when they would be subjected to a jump-scare by social comm members in monster cos- makeup.

Our sports players who trained hard throughout winter (while some of y’all continued your sedentary ways) opened up their new AY with the commencement of the Inter-Hall Games or IHG for short. RH held our own IHG Opening at the comm hall with performances from <insert cultural cca name> to really re-energize us and to welcome us all back to our beloved hall.

In addition to our athletes, media members from BOP and Tech Crew and team managers from Sports Management Committee (SMC) also worked tirelessly on site to bring you live coverage of our athletes in action due to COVID restrictions which forbid live audiences. I’m sure many of you would have tuned into SMC’s Instagram livestreams and also to Tech Crew’s Youtube livestreams which even displayed the scores in real time! Even though we could not be there in person to cheer on our athletes, I’m sure they were able to perform knowing that their friends were supporting them from somewhere.

Unfortunately, IHG came to an abrupt end due to the current COVID situation and many of our sports CCAs were not able to finish their run this year… Nonetheless we applaud their efforts in their respective sports.


F - Semis

M - Prelims


F - Semis

M - Semis


​F - Prelims

M - Semis




F - Semis

M - Semis



Road Relay

F - 3rd Overall

M - 2nd Overall

​Sepak Takraw



F - Prelims

M - Semis


3rd Overall


F - Semis

M - Finals


F - 4th Overall

M - 5th Overall


  • Breaststroke relay 5th

  • Freestyle relay 3rd

  • Medley relay 4th

Table Tennis

F - Runners-up

M - Semis


F - Semis

M - Semis

Touch Rugby

F - Prelims

M - Semis


Cancelled due to COVID :(


M - Prelims

F - Prelims

And lastly, a big welcome to our new RHesidents joining us in Semester 2! A supper event was held to welcome the exchange students and sem 2 RHesidents into our RH family.

We hope you enjoyed January, all the best for your studies and health. See you next time!

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