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IHG through tough times


Every year, the Inter Hall Games (IHG) captures the attention and imagination of all. Rivalries will renew while emotions run high across this one and a half month as seven halls will compete and battle for glory. It is a stage where wits and endurance will be fully displayed to produce a spectacular performance for all to admire. All the halls, including Raffles Hall, will spend countless of hours to hone their skills through multiple, intense training, to achieve the best they can.

However, as the COVID 19 pandemic encompasses the school with uncertainty, and with the restrictions placed upon students, hall athletes are afforded limited time to hone and improve their skills for the biggest stage. Through the first semester till winter break, Raffles Hall athletes will be put through their paces and enhance themselves so as they can put up a good performance during IHG.

Raffles Hall is not known for being exceptionally strong in the sports department, but there have been many accomplishment and progress achieved from the past IHG. Like the saying goes, it is about the journey, not the destination. It is not about the results or position that Raffles Hall achieve in IHG, but the friendship and culture that was fostered during the multiple trainings which leads up to IHG that are important. It is through trainings together with teammates which builds bonds that last past IHG, improving school and hall life experience.

Other than just the athletes, supporters are also what makes IHG a spectacle. It is through the cheers and support from audience that spurs athletes on to break through their limits. Raffles Hall has not been known to have major group of supporters, but you can be a part of this important group to make the IHG experience better.

Thus, IHG is an event that brings togetherness through the competition of sports. It also provides a platform for people to try to improve themselves while building friendships among hallmates, which are important especially in Raffles Hall. That is what builds a hall culture, making Raffles Hall more than just a hall.

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