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By Harsh

Every so often, we desire a change of taste in our meals to soothe our tastebuds and I can proudly say that I am no stranger to that phenomenon! As an avid foodie, finding the best food hotspots for the tastiest dishes are two things that top my to-do list no matter where I go. My 1 month of university life at NUS has been no different!

My first week at RH, my source of calorific happiness came from the comm hall which I quickly lost much of my appetite for and as such started looking for other places to eat. Naturally, I was yet to be enlightened to the knowledge of the best places for my daily dose of good food and so ended up eating comm hall food anyways.

Having been through that, I can say hand on heart that some of my fellow RH mates out there are either going through or been through a similar situation- but no more! My pursuit for happiness has led me to some of the best food places in Zone A (Covid-19 is a fun killer ☹) and I have compiled a list of the best food places thar you guys can currently eat at ( cries tears of social distancing and zoning…)

At this point in the blog, I am sure that you feel that I have kept you in the dark for long enough so I shall start our Quest for good food and get you guys right to the juice of this post!

The first stop on our food tour will be the canteen at Yusof Ishak Hall, more commonly referred to as YIH. This food haven resides above the Student Services Center and is known for its lack of available Seats throughout the day. It is just that happening of a place!

Look at the line! (Social distancing is adhered to…)

One of the most prominent shops in our first stop of the day is the Thai Food stall that is known for its Rice and Pad Thai that I can guarantee any foodie will fall in love at first bite! If you are in the area, or just craving Thai cuisine, I can guarantee you that this stall can hook you up.

Hey, Hey! I know you want to run off to YIH already but let me mention the amazing Indian stall that sits in the very same area as the Thai stall. Yup, you read it right- YIH has a variety of food stalls for different cuisines and as a fellow Indian, I cannot forget about my desi homies in RH. Daal, chapati, and many more other items (including thalis!) are available here and my fellow vegetarians will find this stall to their liking.

Say Hello to our Indian Stall Owner at YIH!

The happiness in your hearts doesn’t have to stop there for YIH canteen because we have the famous Takoyaki and Waffles Stall which is placed right in front of the entrance to ensure that you can satisfy your sweet tooth with minimal displacement from your room!

Calling ALL you lads with the Sweet Tooth!!

The aunty was telling me about the reducing number of people coming over and I have complete faith in you guys reading this blog RIGHT NOW that you will head over and get yourself one of EIGHT-een different varieties of waffles available ( Only open from 8am to 5:30pm! Time is ticking my friends!)

From the calorific happiness at YIH, to the calorific happiness at U Town; this pursuit of happiness has just begun!

University town (known as Utown) which I consider to be the happening and bustling hub (well it was before covid-19…) of the haven for students that we call NUS is our SECOND stop on this journey.

If you are willing to burn those extra calories to walk to UTown, my advice is- DO IT! You would be running down to UTown, especially after what I let you guys know what you are in for.

I am spoilt for choice whenever I go to UTown and I can guarantee that you will be as well if you are given options between TWO food courts and numerous standalone shops. I love UTown and consider it to be up there with the other big players because it’s here that the holy grail of all Zone A students exists - SUPER SNACKS.

SUPER Snacks with their SUUUPPPPERR…well snacks!

As a freshie in RH, let alone a seasoned veteran, you are already exposed to the supper culture here at NUS and as such Super Snacks is arguably one of the best options for getting comfort food to soothe your stressed soul whenever you have late study nights. This heavenly place (YES, it truly is a god send) is open till late and is the perfect option for people like me who cannot wait for supper to be delivered (the delivery time, UGH!).

Burgers and Cheese Fries- HeAvEnLy COMBO

There are quesadillas, Chicken Burgers, Vegetarian Burgers (Yes, you read that right!) and my personal favorite, CHEESE Fries! Super Snacks is the mortal enemy of those late-night hunger pangs you keep having at RH (I understand the pain!) and it satisfies those tastebuds of yours! In my books, that is a DOUBLE win.

On this ongoing quest of mine, we have gone from wholesome meals and sweet cravings at the YIH canteen to tackling the late-night supper needs of us all at Super Snacks. This journey is sure to let you guys have a great time at RH and it is my promise to you all who have stayed with me all the way through, that I shall continue forward on this quest and share my experiences through another blog post!

Until then, I shall bid Adieu! Stay safe and to partially quote Steve Jobs, STAY hungry!

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