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August RHecap 2022

Raynard Tay Qin Da

Summer holidays are ending and so are your 11am alarm clock settings (unless you had to wake up at 8am for orientation camps). If you think that you can continue snoozing for that additional 15 minutes, August (Oh guess) what, school is starting and physical lessons are now back (8am lessons should be illegal). For the seniors, it is yet another year of grinding for their dream CAP (Cumulative Average Point), while for the incoming freshmen, they will soon begin a new chapter in their lives.

But before you know it, this transition period (or post-holiday mood for the seniors) is approaching to an end and we have now come to the end of yet another month! Let us RHecap some of the key events in August!

See See Ehh?

“Join XXX!”

“What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

“What are your other CCAs and how do you rank them?”

These were some of the common remarks in RH for the first half of August when the various CCAs were enthusiastically promoting and recruiting their members. This was also the period where countless CCA telegram groups were created to provide more information about the CCA as well as to get the RHesidents to sign up for an interview (or, to put it nicely, “Getting-to-know-you session”) slot. If you were feeling overwhelmed and spoilt for choices, don’t worry you are not alone as all of the seniors have been there before (just go with your heart!).

The CCA Fair on 11th August was the final chance for all the seniors to sell their CCAs. It was a dazzling sight as the booths were adorned with fairylights, hand-drawn posters and even balloons in a bid to attract our RHesident’s attention. The various culture CCAs such as RHockerfellas, RH Voices and RHDVNCE also rocked the stage with their mesmerising and zealous performances. So will you be the next staRH of Raffles?

CCA Fair (Credits: Sean from BOP)

CCA Fair (Credits: Sean from BOP)


With the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions, the highly anticipated IBG (Inter-block Games) finally returned after 2 years. The different blocks were pitted against each other in 5 main sports—Floorball, Handball, Basketball, Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee (which was sadly cancelled because of the rain…). Many outstanding and athletic freshies caught the attention of the sports captains, who couldn’t wait to recruit them to compete in the glorious IHG (Inter-hall games).

IBG Handball (Credits: Sean from BOP)

IBG Soccer (Credits: Sean from BOP)

And what is an RH event without food and performances by our very own Unplugged and Rhockerfellas? After a week of intensive games, our RHesidents’ stomachs and ears were treated to the scrumptious food and melodious performances during the IBG closing ceremony, which ended this whole episode on a high note (no pun intended).

IBG Closing (Credits: Deen from BOP)

Congratulations to the various blocks for winning in their respective games and kudos to Block 4 for clinching overall first place, followed by Block 8 and Block 5 in second and third respectively!


Block 5


Block 8


Block 4


Block 2


Block 4


Block 8


Block 5

Next up IHG! Let’s go Raffles!!

Hello For the First Time

“Wanna grab comm hall food together?”

“Ehh which challenge you wanna do ahh?”

“Tag who ahh? What to hashtag?”

These were the daily conversations circulating RH for the second half of August. The Welfare Committee’s PaRHtnerShip (P2P Mentorship) and Social Committee’s BrotheRH & SisteRH initiatives have witnessed the forging of new bonds between complete strangers (unless you are so ‘heng’ to match with someone you already knew before). You would have probably witnessed this growing camaraderie through the endless IG stories posted (#p2p #brotheRHsisteRH22). Hopefully you didn’t have a meal with your partner just for the sake of completing that bingo box (right…?).

And as you continued to complete challenges and tick off the rest of the bingo boxes, you soon found out that there was another endless thing apart from schoolwork—welfare. This was when the various blocks started their Angel & Mortal (or equivalent) events, unleashing the multiverse of snacks (and fortunately or unfortunately, pranks).

Slowly, the conversations around RH began to sound like this:

“Check the pantry fridge.”

“Hope you enjoyed the snacks!”

“What pranks should I do ahh?”

Your diet plan that has been going well for the past week is now destroyed (but you’re not complaining right…? I mean, who doesn’t love food!) Once again, you saw another wave of IG stories showcasing all the insane welfare provided (#spoilmarket). And to spoil the market even more, you might have even been pressured to up your welfare game from all the enthusiastic pairs (special mention to our Social D(anish) for participating so actively in all the challenges…so sik for what?)

BrotheRH & SisteRH (Credits: Social Comm’s Instagram)

The Social Comm’s BrotheRH & SisteRH initiative ended off with Family GatheRHing, which gave everyone the chance to meet other sibling pairs! The night was filled with exciting games and challenges, including a scavenger hunt to find a list of items (I didn’t expect everyone to have a snorlax plushie though). And to end things off, a couple of awards were also given out, such as the Best Sibling Pair, Most Creative Door Decoration and Soccom’s Favourite! Were we surprised that Mr Danish won Best Sibling Pair?

BrotheRH & SisteRH (Credits: Social Comm’s Instagram)

Hopefully this isn’t the last time you meet your pair for breakfast though…

And with that, the honeymoon month has passed, signifying the start of the GPA grind, (in addition to that 7 CCAs you might probably be juggling with of course). We wish everyone the best for the rest of the semester and most importantly, have a great time in Raffles Hall!

What was your favourite memory in August?

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