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August RHecap

29 July - 31 August 2021

By Weng Yi Dou

Rag Dance Showcase

We are SupeRHman, as One

Who has the longest ___?

Who is the best ____?

You sent the tallest guy with the longest arms and legs or the best dancer/singer to compete for your OG. RHOC, however, brought out the wildest talent that you just begin to contribute to RH —

Who has the longest head circumference?

Who is the best long jumper?

So this is Raffles Hall — you appreciate it gradually— in all her superlatives are a bit of quirkiness, lots of honor, and more love.

The ridiculously hilarious superlative game was impossible without RHOC committee. Did you know that the originally physical RHOC was changed to online only 5 days before the actual day? The RHOC Comm were indeed the RHOCket, bringing y’all a memorable camp with the shortest preparation time.

One of the many RHOC photos from zoom

Behind all the committee effort is the support from JCRC. Maybe you have not met these lovely people yet, but you sure have seen their impact everywhere. They have meetings, manage all activities, look after your welfare, bridge you and SCRC, everything, and have meetings. Oh, perhaps you got to know Yi Bo at 63rd JCRC President By-election. You will have plenty of chance to know more about him! But before then, let me spoil this a bit. He is, according to a friendly questioner at the election defense, the best “Mr. Good” and, as he claimed himself “neither alpha nor beta”, the most omega guy*. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself!

Behind JCRC is SCRC, as it turns out that the most backstage is the biggest. Don’t say you never know. Just recently you queued for the longest time so far to get the free mug (or a chat with Prof. Stella, our Hall Master). There are longer queues in the future for various welfare giveaways and for bash night banquet dinner.

There are much more superlatives about and around RH. In Rag and Flag 2021, Raffles Hall proudly took double Golds – Rag and Flag – as the only hall with this achievement. RH Rag 2021 shouted out loud our goal to promote inclusion and sustainability with the theme of mental health awareness as well as costumes and floats made with recycled materials. “Let’s soar as one”Raffles Hall best hall!

While Raffles Hall is indeed awe-inspiring with all its glories and the longest history among NUS halls, it is now your home sweet home. Here you have your sweetest siblings and family from bRHothers & sisteRHs and PaRHtnership, who support you through your academics, activities, hall life, and all aspects of your daily life.

We Rafflesian family uphold our culture and hold onto the unique things that we most value. At your Block Orientation and the inter-block Photo Competition, you realise that the best block is the one with the most air-fryers. Glancing through the photos submitted as block identities, you grasp that we Rafflesians call these red eaves a home, call those green shirts around a family, call it a good day when meow-cow stay for the longest while.

Photo Submission for BOP Competition by Hong Kyi (Block 7)

Photo Submission for BOP Competition by Taran (Block 3)

Winning Photo for BOP Competition (John Tan, Block 3)

What superlatives will YOU discover here as a supeRHman?

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