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An Honest Food Stalls Ranking

Tay Zhao Xuan

Not gonna lie, the food on NUS campus is pretty worth the amazing price you cannot find outside (less UTown :<). But even then, it doesn’t change the fact that food prices on average are already mouthwatering. So then, which is really worth what little money us poor university students have? Fear not (unless your tastebuds wonky), for this is an honest food stalls ranking made by a picky eater. We’ll announce the best food stalls in each major food court you can find in UTown and Kent Ridge campus. (this list might have just been created to start a controversy who knows)

UTown Fine Foods (1st floor, nano partea)

Wok Fried

Honorable mentions: Happy Noodle

Generally speaking, Fine Foods is relatively weak in terms of food quality in that there isn’t one which makes me have a craving for. The wok fried items are pretty solid with a decent price range, although the portions leave more to be desired.

Ps. Our honorable mention Happy Noodle stall is not number 1 not because the food isn’t as good, but because the auntie there gave me ketchup twice when I asked for spicy both times.

life very tough

UTown Food Clique (2nd floor, gongcha)

Yong Tau Foo

Honorable mentions: caifan stall, taiwanese

Food Clique’s Yong Tau Foo is amazing. $4.20 for 6pcs with either your choice of noodles or rice, how does one compete against this sheer dominance of a yong tau foo stall. And the soup is top tier. Always a solid option when you cant decide what to eat. Yong Tau Foo always has your back.

recently not seeing any kangkong

Food Clique’s honorable mentions include its mixed vegetable rice stall, the holder for the longest queue in NUS that always gets people confused on which side the entrance is, and the Taiwanese food stall, with its delicious braised meat rice.

The mala stall is quite mercurial and fun, because you never know what level of spiciness you’re gonna get. I twice ordered medium spicy only to have it taste like yong tau foo. Y’all stay safe tho.

The Deck

Japanese food

Honorable mentions: yong tau foo

The Japanese food wins hands down in NUS, generous portions that is worth every cent.

Also, shoutout to the 10pc yong tau foo for $3.20.


Ayam penyet

Ayam penyet. Sambal belacan.

penyet means pressed to those who don't speak the national language

In all seriousness though, the chicken is good. Point to note that Frontier tends to get very crowded due to its proximity to Kent Ridge MRT and NUH, so plan your time well.

Techno Edge

Western food and chicken rice

You will never find another western food stall as good as the one in technoedge. A chicken chop and fried dory fish set that comes with spaghetti, a side of mashed potatoes and 1x (read one times) ham is only $4. Throw in an egg and tasty rice and you’re still below $6 with a very happy belly. One of the worst things you can do as a person is not offering to dabao for your friends when you’re at techno.

The chicken rice stall goes head-to-head with the western stall when it comes to value-for-money. Where else in Singapore can you still find $2.50 chicken rice? Amazing.

PGP aircon and non-aircon

Mala (but non-aircon is btr)

This section will just be about which mala is better because I’m gonna make a sweeping statement and assume we only go to PGP for the mala.

Both are the best mala you can find in NUS but the non-aircon mala is better kthxbye.

Yusof Ishak House

Beef noodles (Michelin-esque ting)

Make sure you get the full YIH experience by trying to find an aircon seat with the food in your hand

Raffles Hall’s favourite canteen/foodcourt. Almost every canteen in NUS seems to have their own beef noodle but nothing even comes close to beating YIH’s. You know the food is good when they don’t even have a proper menu. And did you know they sell rice options too?

Shoutout to the banmian stall for always being there for me and to the mala stall for selling $9 mala.

Now for the most controversial topic every one of us would have argued about at least once about in our time here. Is the YIH thai food good? Perhaps the most highly debated item in RH, what do you think?

Disclaimer: just an article meant for fun discourse, not meant to bring anyone down, neither the food stall owners nor their diehard customers

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