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A Day in Raffles Hall

Ever wondered what the average Rafflesian does every day? You may even wonder “What facilities are there in RH?”, “What food options do I have near Raffles Hall?” and “Are there any advice on how to cope both studies and hall life?”. As I too, have wondered about these questions before, I am certain many of you out there would be able relate to this.

How’s a day in RH? We often hear the RHooster and know, it’s time to start our day. We would then make our way to the Communal Hall to get breakfast. (However, some may not have eaten breakfast since some of us like to sleep in past 10a.m.)

Subsequently, lectures and tutorials would start based on the timetable you have planned! Hall events and block events may take place every few weeks. CCAs’ would then take place in the evening with sports trainings, practices and meetings.

Sometimes (I mean most of the time), many of us would eat supper together with Al Amaans (better known as Ameens)!

Finally, some (closet muggers) would continue studying till they finish their assignments/submissions. Sleeping time in hall most probably would be different from your sleeping time at home (cries).

There are many facilities provided in Raffles Hall. There are gyms (in hall/USC/UTown) and many study areas. Many food options in school like YIH, Tea Party, Crave, Subway and UTown. If you are bored of the food in school, don’t worry as you can go to Clementi, Holland Village and even Jurong East! Good food can definitely be a reward after a long day of lessons.

During this COVID-19 situation, many things have changed. Blocks assigned to each resident would be based on the 3 zones. Hall CCAs are also separated based on zoning and many events would take place online. You certainly still can meet new people by befriending neighbors, block mates and CCA mates. However, one downside may be that you can’t meet new people in different zones (bopez). Maybe when zoning ends! 😊

Some may wonder how do we manage our time between studies and hall life? It’s good to plan a study timetable and follow according. Don’t backlog on your lectures as it is certainly very difficult to get back on track. CCAs can be a great place to destress and to meet new people. Some tips can be having a to-do list, planning ahead (eg. writing down submission deadlines and exam dates) and starting with the most important task. However, sometimes you should say “No” to some supper-jios if you are really busy. It’s definitely important to have time management so we won’t compromise your studies and sleeping time! Lastly, have fun in RH as hall memories can be one of the best memories in NUS!

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