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5 Seven-Eleven Snack Hacks to get you through this year!

By Nirmaleshwar

You there freshie! Have you been searching for “the one” all this time to no avail? Do you want a short-cut to happiness in your time at RH? Okay, I’m not talking about you getting a significant other, more like food. I mean duh, ain’t food the window to your soul? Fairly sure I butchered that saying but, do you want cheap food options that you can enjoy during exams and parties? Well then, it’s time to say goodbye to those “walks of shame” you take back from 7-Eleven every time you buy something expensive but don’t know how it’ll taste coz I’m giving you a list of items that you can snack on for any occasion!

Disclaimer: Effects and opinions may vary from person to person. Side- affects include skipping hall breakfast and dinner, a compulsive desire to snack constantly and sleep walking to 7-Eleven at wee hours.

1. Japanese Onigiris

What list is not complete without at least one Japanese or Korean snack? Be it technology or food, our Asian cousins know how it’s done. A morning breakfast is no exception to that as I have a remarkably simple yet delicious item that’ll give you the will to attend that 8 am lecture – the onigiri. Now I’m not trying to appeal to your inner weeaboo but, trust me when I say that a plain rice ball can add a lot of spring in your steps as you go to 7-Eleven. You can choose from exciting proteins like tuna mayo, salmon, unagi and even egg! What’s more, its dirt cheap (only $1.50) so, you can share with a friend or hog two yourself (I don’t blame you lol). Now have no excuse for skipping breakfast for classes, lazy bones.

2. Ready-2-Eat Meals

The time is 10:30 pm and you just polished of a decent dinner at the hall cafeteria. Still, your stomach is protesting more than your brain when it comes to focusing on studies. Fear not, coz I’m about to do what’s called a pro gamer move. Introducing the ready-2-eat meals for a quick yet satisfying way to sate your ravenous appetite. Our pick here doesn’t discriminate between cuisines, whether its Asian cooking from Thailand or Mediterranean style from Italy, it has more options to offer than your timetable when choosing classes that don’t clash. Experiment with whatever you like all for a manageable price of $4.50.

3. Baumkuchen Roll

Hey, don’t get on my case just because it’s another Japanese snack. They’re all just TOO GOOD to not mention here. On that note, here is yet another snack that’ll make you giggle like a Japanese schoolgirl when you eat it. The Baumkuchen which loosely translates to heavenly halo of desserts (you wish), will melt in your mouth and heart when you eat it. Doesn’t matter if you wanna eat it during breaks, pre-lunch snack, supper etc. Our soft friend here as Chandler puts it beautifully - “A Round food, for every mood”. The only thing you need for this ticket to heaven is a 1-dollar coin.

4. Calbee Chips

Late night suppers with friends is always an awesome feeling and you can’t consider yourself to have truly experienced hall life without indulging in it. Might sound cringey but trust me when I say food always tastes better with others. One such time-honored classic that’ll help you achieve this are chips! Be it with other snacks or for drinks, you can never ever go wrong with it. Unless you end up buying one packet for $10, then you done goofed. But, if you want a package that delivers taste and affordability, try Calbee chips.

5. Melon Soda

I’ve gone on and on about snacks but what about a drink? Sometimes a good drink is enough to take the place of a snack. I recommend a hidden gem from the cluttered fridge that you often come across. Behold the might of Melon Soda, a drink hailing from (surprise surprise) Japan, that adds a surprising fizzy twist to your night times. Out with those boring Ice Lemon Tea’s and other soft drinks. Let this divine nectar grace your tongue and give you the strength you need to either doze off peacefully or solider on to complete that assignment.

So, what did you think about my list? Have I given you hope in this cruel world? Have your wallet funds suddenly started feeling heavier than before? Whatever it is, food will give you the hope to forge on through uni and hopefully these options show you the way to that path!

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