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A SlippeRHy Article

Written by Clarissa Ryanputri & Low Shi-ya Amelia

Source: Amelia's Samsung // follow me(amelia) scrambling around blk 3 & 5 hunting shoes

Ever wondered where your friends got those sweet new kicks? Pondered what your slippers say about you? Or are you just looking for something to kill your time while you procrastinate on your next quiz?

Never fear! Your beloved PP writers are here to take you on the long, slippeRHy journey of casual footwear, especially those sighted frequently lingering around RH’s communal utilities or outside of hall rooms. Whether you’re looking for some slick footwear or just curious, here are some of the most popular slippers in RH and what they may say about your personality.


Source: Amelia's Samsung

One of the undeniably common trends lurking around the hall would have to be these sets of shoes. Despite their destructive reputation with escalators, Crocs made their stunning return to the fashion scene with their vibrant buttons (aka jibbitz) you can pin all over your shoes. Their customizability means that you’ll often find crocs-wearers in Raffles Hall sporting anything from smiley faces to unicorns and Thor, each one more unique than the last.

To those who love your Crocs, you appear to us as a unique, fun-loving and bubbly individual. You aren't afraid to show the world your effervescent personality and we just can’t get enough of it. Keep on dazzling, Crocs-wearers!

Yeezy slides

Source: Amelia's Samsung

These slides probably have the strangest origin story. Their very first ancestor made its debut when the famous rapper Kanye West wore them to a wedding. As people began criticising him for how poorly fitted these slippers were, Kanye defended that it was an act of sophistication – the "Japanese way" of wearing slippers, by letting the back of the foot hang a couple of centimetres.

A year later, Adidas collaborated with the infamous rapper and started the Yeezy trend we all follow today. Celebrities and common people alike began wearing these trendy pairs of shoes everywhere they went (with the back of their feet safely tucked inside, of course).

Rafflesians who rock these slides seem to leave us with cool impressions. Introverted and elusive as you may look, it doesn't stop you from staying respectably amazing at everything you do: crushing those ambitious plans one by one, climbing to that exceptionally bright future ahead.

Shark slides

Source: Amelia's Samsung

Propelled to fame by a TikTok trend in 2022, these adorable shark slides made waves across the world with their cute little faces and endearing chompers. Some of them even made their way to the NUS campus, where you will see them perched adorably outside some Raffles Hall room doors. With their comfortably wide base and cute design, they are perfect for anyone seeking to find a new little companion to embark on their Raffles Hall journey with.

If you own one of these, chances are you’re just a hapless sucker for cute things. Regardless of whether you bought them after seeing the TikToks or were gifted them by a friend who thought you’d like them, your warm spirit and bright happiness shine through in your interactions with others. Your laugh is infectious and brings joy to your friends, which is probably why they got you these slippers in the first place – they love seeing you happy! Just watch out for your toes…


Source: Amelia's Samsung

The most common on this list, flip-flops come in all shapes and sizes. From thin V-shaped straps to thick horizontal bands, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll see a pair of flip-flops per level, per block in Raffles Hall… or two, or three, or four. Being relatively affordable, they are a cheap but reliable option for those who prioritise convenience and comfort over fashion or aesthetics – even if the soles tend to detach from their straps…

(every time the soles break free from the straps, so does my soul as I trip and face-plant onto the floor)

Owners of these slippers know when to work and when to play – even the most studious students in hall know it’s time to take a break when they slip on their flip-flops. If you own a pair of flip-flops, you’re straightforward and goal-oriented – that essay is getting done by 2359 at any cost. Though you might occasionally come off as a little eccentric, your easygoing nature helps you warm up to people quickly once they initiate the conversation.

Strap sandals

Source: Amelia's Samsung // SRY @SHOES' OWNER

Fashion-forward, trendsetter, the person we all want to be – you’re conscious of your outfits down to even the smallest detail, with a fit to rival Barbie’s wherever you go. Looking like the finest hybrid of Greek sandals and ballet shoes, the beautiful curves of strap sandals have long been a popular choice in footwear for girls and young women in Singapore. Their classy, elegant look means that they go well with just about any outfit; and with their adjustable ankle straps, it’s child’s play to ensure they don’t slip off.

Whether it’s a beach day or a casual mall outing with friends, strap sandal wearers know how to have fun. Being the ball of energy and excitement they are, sandal strap wearers' fighty personality makes them some of the most loyal friends you will meet. You only need to call on them, and they’d be down to fight with you to the very end.

Heeled strap sandals

Source: Clarissa's phone

Everyone who wears these on a regular basis deserves a round of applause. A levelled-up variant of strap sandals (literally!), those who wear these do it to make a fashion statement. With the height boost the heels provide, these slippers serve to accentuate the legs, the body shape, and the general stature of the wearer at any given point in time.

Proud wearers of these sandals will likely be popular and charming at school and in hall. The challenge of balancing their coursework and hall CCA duties are as easy as pie to these people – as effortless as balancing on these shoes. Though their falls may be nasty, owners of these slippers will often pick themselves back up and dust themselves off like nothing happened. Their resilience and charm make them a marvel to the masses when stepping on the shoes.

But I don’t have any of the sandals listed above!

Source: Amelia's Samsung

That doesn’t matter! Walking around in those one-of-a-kind slippers makes you all the more special! The listed slippers above are just a few popular types of shoes we authors have seen around the hall. The countless other types we haven’t covered, be it the Walmart slippers you got on vacation to the distinctive slip-ons you purchased from the wet market. They are all equally fantastic and special!

Have we guessed your personality correctly according to what you wear? Share this with your friends if we are correct!

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